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Thursday, April 30, 2009

the last and the first

today is my last day of work at the law firm i been at for the last nearly 3 years. it is a happy day because it means that we are getting closer to being in tulsa. yet it is a sad day as i pack up my things, say good bye to co-workers/friends, and leave for the office one last time.

it really hit at the end of the day yesterday, i was saying good bye to kim and said "see you tomorrow". it immediately hit - i won't be able to say that tomorrow. that was predicated earlier in the day when i was sitting in kim's office chatting about life towards the end of a busy day (like her and i usually do), when said "i am going to miss our daily afternoon chats."

events and a hundred others like it have made me really appreciate my job. i have been very blessed to work with and for some very wonderful people. i will truly miss them. this job has taught me literally everything i know about the practice of law. no offense law school, but you didn't really teach me about the really important things - kelly did, and kim did, and clint did, and patrick did, and my own trial and error.

looking back on my time here and i can't help but me amazed at god works even when we aren't looking. i know he brought us to dallas and me to this job for a reason. i think i know the reason.

today is also a day of new beginnings. when i turn off my office light it will no longer be my office, but it means that there is a new office in tulsa, just waiting for me to get there. today is a happy day and sad day and for that i am truly thankful.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! We spent the weekend with our adorable nephew in Enid!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Today was a pretty stressful day. The Oklahoma Bar results were released this afternoon. After not sleep much last night, I was a nervous wreck all morning. The Bar told us that the results would be up around noon, but even still I diligently checked the website about every 5 minutes since 8 this morning.

Finally at 11, I told myself "self, you have to get some work done and not think about the test." So I made a pact not to check again until 11:30. Wouldn't you know, Ashley called me at 11:24 to say "the results are up but there's no list of names."

I immediately went to the website to confirm Ashley's report. Sure enough, no list. There was however, the summary of the results which were absolutely horrifying. The website said:

"A total of 110 took the exam; 62 passed; pass rate 56%."

My heart dropped and started beating rapidly. I became nauseous. My mouth got dry. I could only see out of my left eye.

I refreshed the page every second for about the next five minutes though it felt like a lifetime. My hands were shaking uncontrollably and I started sweating. Finally after an eternity the list came up! I swallowed hard and quickly scrolled down the page. Then there in all its glory was the beautiful name -- "Bradley Keith Cunningham".

I passed the bar. Whew!!

We want to thank all of you who have been very supportive through this period. I can't say enough how much it means to us. I really want to thank my boss, KGM. She has been great through all of this - which has been hard for her. She is torn in this situation because she wants us to be happy (which means moving to Tulsa), but also loves having us in town as family and me at the office (for some reason).

I particularly want to thank my beautiful, loving and amazing wife. She is the best! She put with my weird study habits and not seeing me for 2 months. She is awesome and I am so blessed to be able to share these joys with her.

Hank you were a great study buddy. Thanks for sleeping on my shoulder while studied and keeping me company.

See you in Oklahoma!!