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Sunday, September 28, 2008

return of the jedi

I am sure when you read the title I was referring to the fact that it has been a long while since our last post (over a month). But actually it is in reference to the fact that my brother returns home on Monday. He has been in Korea since mid-August of 2007. For over a year, the only time we saw his face was by grainy video on the internet. But at least we could see him and talk to him. We are all really excited to see him and cant wait for him to get home.

A lot has happened since our last post. Ashley and I are looking to move back closer to our home towns (actually for me, back home). We want to move to Tulsa. So in a way the title return of the jedi is also a reference to this, but that would be egotistical and narcissistic of me to assume that I am a jedi. You may be thinking - why would you write about a job search when your boss may see it. Normally, that is a good question, but she already knows. We told her that we were looking. We wanted to be fair to the law firm. So we are looking. I am taking the Oklahoma bar in February and hopefully we will find a good fit for me and then Ash can start looking for a job. We will probably keep everyone updated. I did have an interview this past Friday at the firm I clerked at the summer of my second year. I think it went well but with this stuff you never really know until they offer you a job. So we are praying about it - we think its where we want to be so we'll see.

On another note - we have a new nephew, David James Shepherd III. I am sure Ashley will devote an entire post to him soon and upload lots of photos. He is awesome.

Good talk.