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Thursday, April 30, 2009

the last and the first

today is my last day of work at the law firm i been at for the last nearly 3 years. it is a happy day because it means that we are getting closer to being in tulsa. yet it is a sad day as i pack up my things, say good bye to co-workers/friends, and leave for the office one last time.

it really hit at the end of the day yesterday, i was saying good bye to kim and said "see you tomorrow". it immediately hit - i won't be able to say that tomorrow. that was predicated earlier in the day when i was sitting in kim's office chatting about life towards the end of a busy day (like her and i usually do), when said "i am going to miss our daily afternoon chats."

events and a hundred others like it have made me really appreciate my job. i have been very blessed to work with and for some very wonderful people. i will truly miss them. this job has taught me literally everything i know about the practice of law. no offense law school, but you didn't really teach me about the really important things - kelly did, and kim did, and clint did, and patrick did, and my own trial and error.

looking back on my time here and i can't help but me amazed at god works even when we aren't looking. i know he brought us to dallas and me to this job for a reason. i think i know the reason.

today is also a day of new beginnings. when i turn off my office light it will no longer be my office, but it means that there is a new office in tulsa, just waiting for me to get there. today is a happy day and sad day and for that i am truly thankful.