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Saturday, October 18, 2008

david james shepherd, III

On September 15,2008 my brother and sister-in-law brought a bundle of joy into this world. Our nephew is absolutely adorable. It was heart breaking for us that we couldn't see him the minute he was born. I could hardly teach because I was checking my phone and email every second for updates. When he was born I instantly showed a picture to my students. They loved him. They crack me up, one student said, "Mrs. I didn't know you were Mexican." All that dark hair had them fooled. We traveled to Enid that Friday evening. We spent literally from 8 AM until 10 PM Saturday night holding, staring, and talking to David (our bro calls him Gus). We are obsessed. He is so sweet. He does some funny things...he loves to hold onto his face. The swaddle wouldn't even work he would get his hands right out.

This little man makes us very eager to get back to the GREAT STATE OF OKLAHOMA! We want to live much much closer to him. Oh yes....Hank loved him too! He couldn't quit staring at him. He followed him around everywhere. It has been so fun to watch Jamey and Molly become parents. They are precious with him.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the realities of bloggin'

Over the past few weeks I was surprised by the emails and texts I received about Ashley and I moving to Tulsa. I began to try to figure out how this news had gotten out so quickly considering I had only talked to a few people about it. I got messages all the way from Georgia to California.

I was surprised further when we met up with some friends this weekend and they asked us too. But then the truth came out - they had read it right here on this very blog. I could not even remember committing those intentions to paper let alone, publishing those statements for all the world to see. So I had to check for myself, and sure enough there in 10 pt. arial font was my confession about our intentions to move to Tulsa.

I am glad to learn that there are several of you who read this blog on occasion. But I am also saddened because now I feel obligated to make more frequent posts - something I want to do more of but have a difficult time making time for.

So I will attempt to update the blog more often and Ashley is in charge of coming up with a better design for the bog. So please check back on occasion.

So until next time, stay classy San Diego.