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Saturday, February 28, 2009

bar exam - did that!

UPDATE - I took the Oklahoma Bar Exam this past Tuesday and Wednesday. I am glad to have my life back. The results come out on April 3rd, so keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

iphone update

UPDATE - Great News! Ashely's iPhone has been recovered from the thief. I am sure she will be adding a detailed account of the manhunt, the coercive police interrogation, the confession and finally the return of the phone. Just wanted to let everyone know so you can relax and get back to your regular lives now.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


 Sorry I have been out-of-touch since Thursday.  MY PHONE WAS STOLEN OUT OF MY DESK AT SCHOOL.  I am very heart broken because I had a little crush on my iphone.  At school, It was my only connections to the outside world.  I loved my secret checks on facebook and games of tetris.  I also felt completely violated because the little criminal had access to my email and facebook account temporarily.  I'm trying to narrow down who could have done this, and crossing my fingers that it will show up.   The games begin tomorrow and Mrs. Cunningham's class.  Hopefully I can get someone to confess...although I'm not convinced it happened while I was in the room! Those kids are never around my desk.  More importantly...Rob-will you please write a letter to AT&T or Apple demanding that they offer phone insurance for iphone?  Poor teachers like me just can't go around replacing their iphone every couple of months!!! Don't worry as of about 5 minutes ago you can start calling/texting me again.  I have Brad's old BRICK phone from about 3 years ago.