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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

we're not a pc anymore

this weekend we got a new home computer. it is the awesome iMac. as you can see we needed a computer to do grown up things like take these pictures with the built in camera. the best part about it (in case you don't know) is that there is no cpu tower. the entire computer is built in to the monitor - so it is only 3 small pieces (1) the monitor (2) a mouse and (3) the keyboard.

we recommend it to everyone!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I had the best birthday ever! My husband is so wonderful and planned the perfect surprise birthday for me! I thought I was just spending it with my dear Aunt Mary and cousin Anna Lee, but it turns out my Mom and brother Dave surprised me for the weekend!!! It was an absolute blast. We had the best time together. We all got together with Kelly, Wade, Grant, and Gavin for a crab crakin good dinner. I have always loved crab legs (thanks Nuni), so we were working for our dinner. :-) It was so much fun. I felt so special. Today I got to see the Teffts (it has been way too long), Don, and Molly...which made my weekend complete! Thank you everyone and I love you so!